Hadron Particle Synthesizer

Hadron Particle SynthesizerDownload the free and open source Hadron Particle Synthesizer here
The plugin installer is for Windows or Mac OSX.

Now available in 64 bit VST and AU formats.
There is also a source code download with the Csound orchestra code, though all Csound code is also installed with the standard installers.

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Hadron Particle Synthesizer
for Windows

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Hadron Particle Synthesizer
for Mac OSX

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Source code

The source code download contains the Csound version, this will run on all platforms where Csound is available (Linux, Windows, OSX, and many other platforms). The included documentation is a user documentation, not a source code documentation. The source code itself is documented inline where deemed appropriate.

Hadron Particle Synthesizer
Csound source code

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