Sound examples

Here are some examples of music made with Hadron.

[audio:Free_MagneticForest_cut1.mp3|titles=Magnetic Forest]
[audio:Free_LSJ_walkshome_cut_lim.mp3|titles=Little Soldier Joe Walks Home With The Sugar]
[audio:Free_LSJ_drinkingtes_cut1.mp3|titles=Little Soldier Joe At Home Drinking Tea]

Demo songs

Demo setup for Cubase
– Download
Demo setup for Mulab
– Download
Demo setup for Reaper
– Download
Demo setup for Ableton Live (VST)
– Download

Live sampling set for Ableton Live (VST)
– Download

TouchOSC templates

You can now control Hadron from you iPad.
TouchOSC templates

Hadron Docs

These are included in your installer, but we’ve added them here for convenience.
Hadron documentation